Osprey Banding Tour

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A Cape Water Tours and Taxi Exclusive!

Join us on a Cape Water Tours Osprey Banding Eco Tour and enjoy a rare opportunity to get a close look at these magnificent raptors. Ornithologist Captain Steve takes us to osprey nesting platforms where he places identification tags on the 7 - 8 week old osprey fledglings before they begin to fly. This practice doesn't hurt the birds and is done specifically to gather information about the ospreys such as migration patterns, life span and behaviors. This 90 minute tour takes the place of our regular Eco Tours. We have binoculars on board. Don't forget to bring your camera!

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2018 DATES - June 28, July 5, 10, 12, 14, 17, and 19

We sometimes have to modify these dates according to the nesting and hatching timimg of the birds. Please plan to be flexible if necessary. Thank you!


                $31 SENIORS 60 AND OVER

             $27 CHILDREN 11 AND UNDER


Bring your friends, family, visitors, co-workers or just yourself along with your picnic dinner and/or your favorite beverage. Alcohol is allowed.