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Cruise the waters of the Delaware Bay with the crew of the Discovery and experienced science educators to learn about this important coastal estuary. Participate as Delaware Bay waters are sampled to reveal small animal plankton, bottom dwelling invertebrates, and a variety of fish. This is a hands-on activity, so come prepared to get your hands a little wet and slimy. This cruise is also a great opportunity to take in the sites including the diverse birdlife and waterfowl living along the bayshore, and local historical sites including the Harbor of Refuge Lighthouse at Cape Henlopen. Don't miss out on this chance to see and learn about Southern Delaware's pristine coastal waters and beaches and to learn about the work being done to preserve the delicate ecosystem within the Delaware Bay.


This trip is not recommended for young children under the age of 6.



            $28 SENIORS AGE 60 AND OVER  

            $22 CHILDREN AGE 6 THRU 11    

crabs.600  lighthouse inner wall 
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Bring your friends, family, visitors, co-workers or just yourself along with your picnic dinner and/or your favorite beverage. Alcohol is allowed.