We are locals in this resort area and like to enjoy a stay-cation in our home town. This weekend we decided to take the new water taxi from Lewes to Dewey Beach as a more pleasant path to dinner in Rehoboth Beach. We soon realized after boarding that the hours have been abbreviated now that the season is over and the original return trip at 9:30 had been dropped from the schedule. The Captain insisted we stay on and he would arrange for alternative pick up for us. We were amazed at his accommodations! He gave us our receipt and a card for a local taxicab to call when we were ready to go back at no additional charge. The evening was beautiful and the ride a peaceful journey through wetlands and past gorgeous homes on the canal. We enjoyed the company of the other riders as well. The next day we received a text from Capt Dave to check on us to see if we got home okay! Can't beat that! We will definitely recommend this new path to everyone and repeat the trip next season.


The Sunset Cruise was a great way to unwind and spend time with loved ones after a typical summer day at the beach rushing from one activity to another. The calm setting and perfect pace of the boat meant for an ideal way to relax and discuss the day's activities. The bonus is that you get to see some beautiful sights along the way. It really was a part of the beach area that you just don't see. The polar opposite of some of the tackier beach activities. The crew was professional and courteous. They even allowed us to linger a bit on the boat at the end of the cruise, as we were just not ready to go.

Greg R.

Had the pleasure of taking my first cruise on your water taxi and enjoyed it tremendously. The  trip was cool and very relaxing. This by far is the best mode of transportation ever conceived. I'll be back with my girl to take another cruise-I know she'll love it.  She's looking forward to visiting the Cape Region. Wishing you years of success in your business.

Ervin T.

We were celebrating birthdays and an anniversary joined by close family members in Delaware for their annual trip home. What a nice way to spend an evening. The tables and seating on board made it easy for us to enjoy our picnic of sandwiches, cheese and wine while taking in the beautiful scenery. The intimate, quiet atmosphere made conversation easy. The Captain and crew were friendly, professional, and informative. Cape Water Taxi will definitely remain on our list of things to do whenever we visit our beach area.

Robin B
Smyrna, Delaware